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Community Input - CI Font - jlp - 09-23-2019

It's great to see the community involvement with the CodeIgniter logo poll. This is the companion poll that was promised.

Some of the proposals in the original discussion suggested that a different font might be more appropriate for CodeIgniter. Three choices are shown below, all of them rendered at the same size. Each choice shows the CodeIgniter text on its own, and then to the right the text with the logo that the proposer intended.

We are looking for community input on these suggestions, and are treating the styled text as a separate issue from the graphic logo.

The styled CodeIgniter text is currently used in the banner for the CodeIgniter website and its forum.

Just as with the logo poll - this is not a definitive vote for the text style to use for CodeIgniter 3/4; it is a gathering of community input on the font choices put forward. The poll closes Oct 6, and we will take the feedback into account and announce the outcome at that time.

Note: This is a poll, and we will be editing or pruning any "advertising/editorializing", namely plugs for any specific proposed font.


RE: Community Input - CI Font - orionstar - 09-23-2019

@jlp on the image you use the typo of CI2, just compare the "G" chars and you will see the difference.

RE: Community Input - CI Font - ciadmin - 09-23-2019

Hmm - I see that. I will need to figure out how that happened & fix it! Thanks for the heads up.

Edit: fixed it Smile