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How can I resume the session? - Navindex - 10-26-2019

I'm using session data to save and restore multi-page form data in CI4 (rc3). PHP version is 7.2.24.

It works very well when I use the conventional PHP-way with $_SESSION and session_start().
However, when I try to do the same with CI4, it creates a new session instead of resuming the existing one.

The environment settings are:

app.sessionDriver             = 'CodeIgniter\Session\Handlers\FileHandler'
app.sessionCookieName         = 'my_session_cookie_'
app.sessionExpiration         = 7200
app.sessionMatchIP            = false
app.sessionTimeToUpdate       = 300
app.sessionRegenerateDestroy  = false

This happens every time when I initialize the session ( $session = session(); ) on a new page. I would expect it resumes the existing session, however, a new cookie is created.


These files contain session data of a single page only.

Is this a bug or I'm missing something here? When I switch back to PHP's session_start(), it resumes the session correctly.