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Index a new website - Jackson - 11-14-2019

Hi all
Im making a new website with google site. I submitted my web by gwt, social,...but it doesn't work.
I check by the form: site:my_domain but can't see any results.
Anyone master in SEO can show me What factor prevents my website from being indexed? 
Im new so don't have much knowledge.
Thanks in advance <3

RE: Index a new website - mboufos - 11-15-2019

if you add your site in google , bing etc you have to wait some days to see some results

RE: Index a new website - lihope - 11-15-2019

How long have you created a website? Indexing takes time. And also depends on the size of the site.

RE: Index a new website - AndreiCurelaru - 11-17-2019

Hi Jackson,
Can we have the url of your website?

RE: Index a new website - John_Betong - 11-18-2019


Perhaps Google has searched your site and added links which are not shown on the Google first search page.

Try browsing the following search query to find what pages Google has indexed. This works OK in Google Chrome, other browsers may not work: