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SQL Injection - dmorgan20 - 11-25-2019


I was struggling to get some data to insert in to MySQL but i have finally got that working - However, someone said I am wide open to an SQL injection attack and theyve not said anything else about it. This of course got me worried

In my views I have a postcode.php and a submit.php (the submit is where the SQL query is saved).

PHP Code:
    // Get editor content
    $postCodeString $_POST['postCodetext'];
    $costString $_POST['costtext'];

    // Check whether the editor content is empty
        // Insert editor content in the database
        $insert1 $db->query("INSERT INTO postCode (postCode, Cost) VALUES ('".$postCodeString."', '".$costString."')");

        // If database insertion is successful
            $statusMsg1 "Succeddfully Saved.";
            $statusMsg1 "A problem occurred, please try again.";
        $statusMsg1 'You cannot save a blank postcode or delivery charge';

I kind of understand SQL injection. My knowledge is that a malicious using may be able to essentially change the query to suite their need such as drop a table etc.

But how is mine not secure, and why is it wide open to an attack? Also, what can I immediately do to secure it

RE: SQL Injection - jreklund - 11-25-2019

On what it is:

And how you can bind/escape in Codeigniter:

RE: SQL Injection - HeyDarling - 11-25-2019

Use the query builder, is super friendly. Check the link posted above

Also, enable global_xss_filtering on your config.php file. Note that this function is deprecated though so try not to depend on it.
PHP Code:
$config['global_xss_filtering'] = TRUE

In addition, check out the Security class

RE: SQL Injection - jreklund - 11-26-2019

Don't enable global_xss_filtering, it's deprecated for a reason. You should filter/validate on input and escape on output.