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Can't stop the redirect... - skunkbad - 12-04-2019

Client asks me to log into their MOZ account and fix some issues that are being reported. One of the issues is named "Redirect Chain" and shows a URL like this:"

When I follow that link, request headers show a 301 redirect to

So I tried to use mod rewrite and a 301 redirect of my own in .htaccess, but there is no way to stop the redirect. So then I tested it on an unrelated site. For instance:"

and sure enough, it redirects to

This is on an apache server if it matters.

How does one deal with this?

The issue was introduced when the client added a link to /c/ on their site but accidentally prepended theĀ URL with a double quote.

RE: Can't stop the redirect... - jreklund - 12-04-2019

What do you want to happen when the user clicks that malformed url?

RE: Can't stop the redirect... - skunkbad - 12-04-2019

That link should be 410 gone