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RE: Myth:Auth - InsiteFX - 12-31-2020

You must have an old version because that is not in Config/Auth.php

RE: Myth:Auth - suvi - 12-31-2020

(12-31-2020, 04:09 AM)InsiteFX Wrote: You must have an old version because that is not in Config/Auth.php

That's strange, thought I was using the latest version.
I quess I'll have to do my own implementation then.


RE: Myth:Auth - MGatner - 12-31-2020

@suvi That is from a project of mine. Did you perhaps borrow code from Bluesmith? Or reference it as an example?

RE: Myth:Auth - suvi - 12-31-2020

To be honest, I have no idea where it came from. I've had to do A LOT of learning in short amount of time. It's a feature I need in a project I'm working. So maybe I stumbled on your config file while googling and copied from there thinking it's implemented feature in myth/auth

RE: Myth:Auth - MGatner - 01-01-2021

I don’t recommend using that code. It is for inviting people to join a project *after* creating an account the usual way. Sort of like Google Docs invitation or something. I had tacked it onto the Myth Config originally to make it easy, but it has since moved and I would advise against building non-Auth features on top of the Auth Config.

RE: Myth:Auth - suvi - 01-02-2021

I ended up writing my own solution.
Maybe invitation feature could be part of Myth/Auth someday.

RE: Myth:Auth - klj - 01-08-2021

hi... i have question

I tried to create a user and password input form from the admin page, when I logged out the message was Unable to log you in. Please check your password.

PHP Code:
'password_hash'            => password_hash($data['password'], PASSWORD_DEFAULT