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New homepage design ? - littlej - 02-02-2020

Hey guys !

I would like to suggest and participate in the creation of a new homepage. So you will find attached 9 proposals. It is more a "layout" choice for now.

There is something for everyone :-) Maybe something you like ?

RE: New homepage design ? - sv3tli0 - 02-02-2020

Nice designs Smile
I think that a PR inside the repo is the best way to suggest such proposal.
My choice would be #6 - it fits best.

On second hand - I really liked the first image for the User Guide. I think that the UG must get some update on its UI focused on the style and your suggestion can fit quite well with that.

RE: New homepage design ? - littlej - 02-02-2020

Thanks for your feedback ! These are not final results. Many improvements could be done. I just wanted to "throw" ideas as I want the community to choose what they like the most (at each step). I was even thinking about a poll :-)

CI4 final release should be out soon, and I think a nice and modern homepage could be a great addition. It would make it more "attractive" to new users :-) And maybe we could even add a little message/quote on the page to dedicate this version to Jim...

Regarding the UG, I will take a look. I did not think about it, good suggestion :-)

RE: New homepage design ? - kilishan - 02-03-2020

LittleJ - thanks for your enthusiasm!

A little while ago a working group was put together to come up with a new design. They've picked a winner, but it hasn't been converted to HTML/CSS yet. I believe PaulD is working on that, but also know that he just changed jobs and his schedule might be pretty hectic. If you're interested in helping out with that, you should reach out to him and see if he needs any help on that front. (Make sure your private messages are enabled on your profile, though, or he won't be able to respond.)

RE: New homepage design ? - littlej - 02-03-2020

Thank you for the info. I have sent a PM to PaulD and I have activated the option in my profile to receive answers :-)

RE: New homepage design ? - kilishan - 02-03-2020

Sounds great. Thanks!

RE: New homepage design ? - mjamilasfihani - 02-03-2020

#1 can take my Heart

RE: New homepage design ? - iBlaxter - 02-03-2020

I'll support for these change. Because... This is CodeIgniter 4.

RE: New homepage design ? - Goddard - 02-04-2020

I like the first one.

RE: New homepage design ? - John_Betong - 02-04-2020


I like the first but would have preferred the logo in the top left corner instead of the bottom left corner.

Perhaps make a GitHub Repository with source code and links to the thumbnails?