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config - marcodesouza - 02-13-2020

Hello guys!
My name is Marco Desouza, And I am an author of [redacted]. As I mentioned in my previous forum that I am webdesigner, the website have been made by my web developer. When I try to change the http to https:[redacted]

Everything is became distorted. I have tried to change the base path. But still the above mention website images, css, js files are being distorted. And same framework has been used by developing my another website which is [redacted] . It is working and opening absolutely visible in every web browsers.

Have a look at the image of the error

Kindly help me to solve this issue!

RE: config - vincent78 - 02-14-2020

Hello marcodesouza,

You have to search for "http://" in the whole project and replace by "https://" the results that have to be.