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Master & Detail records in same page? - stepgr - 02-20-2020

HI all,

I'm very new to codeigniter so please forgive my ignorance. 
I have a master table (say orders) and a detail table ( say order_details).
I'm actually using the sample database from mysql to check this.
I want to have a page that shows all the orders  (Paginated and searchable if possible) I have and 
when I select an order to have a (new page ?  pop-up page ? I prefer same page if possible) 
to show all the order_details lines that are relevant to my  selected order .
I understood from reading and googling, that unless I use javascript some parts of the above I will
not to be able to do with codeigniter .  If anyone has an example  case like mine to
I want some hint?  example code ?  to start  digging.

Thanks In advance

RE: Master & Detail records in same page? - InsiteFX - 02-20-2020

You may want to use the jQuery DataTables for this.

See this link on master details.

DataTables Master Details