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RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - dave friend - 02-28-2020

It is stable enough that the dev team thought it should be released. It's not perfect, but it is stable.
Most of the current issues have more to do with installation problems than with overall reliability.

It's certainly more stable and secure than CodeIgniter 2.

There are a lot of changes in how things are done compared to the previous versions. There is a lot to learn, but not as much as you'll need to learn to be at home with Laravel. Especially true if you have no prior experience with Laravel. Prior CodeIgniter experience will be helpful when getting into CodeIgniter 4.

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - triluminos - 03-01-2020

Brilliant work!
R.I.P James Perry. Man, I am sure you are happy now Smile

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - satish.verma143 - 03-01-2020

First of all, Thanks to everyone and a huge congratulation.
May I know, why is the admin folder be in the project directory?

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - eboominathan - 03-02-2020

Download link Not working Please check

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - Kel_Novi - 03-02-2020

(03-02-2020, 02:46 AM)eboominathan Wrote: Download link Not working Please check

Here's the link

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - Phillinger - 03-02-2020

R.I.P. James, I had no idea. Sad

Nice to see the project moving on. Thank you all for your hard work!

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - FabriceL - 03-03-2020

(02-24-2020, 03:53 AM)boubacool Wrote: Merci beaucoup pour cette nouvelle.
J'ai longuement attendu ce jour car j'ai été trop fan de CodeIgniter depuis que je l'ai connu.
Je trouve également que c'est le Framework PHP le mieux adapter à mes besoins.
Je présente mes sincères condoléances à James Parry qui a tout donné pour que nous pussions voir ce jour.

J'utilise CodeIgniter depuis des années et je suis également trop Fan !!!
Merci à toute la communauté pour avoir réalisé un framework performant et répondant aux critères du web.
Sincères condoléances à toute la famille et les proches de James Parry. 
Nous devons aller au bout du bout et croire en ce beau projet pour lui et pour tous ceux qui ont croient en CODEIGNITER.
Merci du fond du coeur.

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - JerryJones - 03-03-2020


RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - mk_common - 03-04-2020

Download link for userguide not working

Warm regards,

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - Shivafeb17 - 03-04-2020

Finally, I have been waiting for a long time for this. I'm planning to migrate all my Codeigniter projects to version 4. Congratulations every one.