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RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - adnzaki - 02-25-2020

Wow, finally it's here! I've been almost 2 years using dev-version of CodeIgniter 4 for my ambitious project and now the final version released just a few months before I release my project too! Well, the development of the framework is hand in hand with my current project. I feel like growing with this framework. Thanks to Jim Parry, Lonnie, and all of contributors!

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - cosmo - 02-25-2020

I don't think I have ever eagerly awaited for a piece of software before, yet alone a framework. Certainly, not for five years!
Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible. My deepest sympathies to the Parry family. I feel that I've lost people who were dear to me this year (though I've never met them) from Dr. Parry to Kobe Bryant, and others. But yay to progress, and a solid "foundation" as Lonnie mentioned!

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - maprangsoft - 02-25-2020

Thank you very much from thailand.

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - miguelgomezsa - 02-25-2020


The link to Download is broken.
404: Not Found


RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - jreklund - 02-25-2020

You can use this instead.

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - nc03061981 - 02-25-2020


RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - tomexsans - 02-25-2020

Hello to the CI Team and Community,

I have been a major user of CI back from CI 2.X to CI 3.X
all my old and new projects are written on CI until now.
the easiest upgrades i had/have encountered without breaking you app.

i have seen the development of CI4 from alpha,beta to RC but this is really the first time i will be using it.
I cannot imagine the effort and dedication poured into this project to make a successful release.

Thank you very much

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - John_Betong - 02-25-2020

I prefer the latest Github version:

and also to have Git installed and clone the following:

git clone

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - sharazy - 02-26-2020

Let us commemorate this moment while remembering and grateful for everything done by CodeIgniter community throughout these years.

Happy Belated Birthday, James.

RE: CodeIgniter 4.0 is here! - eboominathan - 02-26-2020

It is very hard to understand the upgrading documentation anyone know how to do upgrade from CI3 to CI4 How to upgrade CI3 to CI4