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Not Being Very Honest - nonebeliever - 03-08-2020

I thought CI was a community driven initiative. 

The last I looked on Github I saw every commit from one person.

This dude

Part of my job is to do a bit of research.

So I looked up this MGatner person.

They just have a bunch of commits in a repo towards super heros.

Their actual last commit was 9 years ago.

What is going on?

RE: Not Being Very Honest - includebeer - 03-08-2020

What are you talking about? A lot of different person have made commits:

Also, the lead developer is Lonnie Ezell:

Maybe you could look properly before making wild accusation.

RE: Not Being Very Honest - maxxd - 03-08-2020

Seriously - There are a ton of people contributing to the project. Also, I've not been using CI long but MGatner certainly seems a stand-up member of the community.

RE: Not Being Very Honest - tweenietomatoes - 03-08-2020

I missed Jim Parry.

RE: Not Being Very Honest - InsiteFX - 03-09-2020

He is just maintaining it Lonnie is the one that created CI 4 there are lots of contributors for it.

We all miss Jim