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CI on Quercus - El Forum - 04-15-2008


Just a though, has anyone already tried to run CI on Caucho Resin instead of Apache ?
One site claim to have improved Drupal performance by 4, it could be fun to try (I'm a bit overbooked now but i'll keep you informed if I do the test).

4x performance improvements for drupal



CI on Quercus - El Forum - 04-15-2008

Compiled languages always have a performance advantage. The same thing was announced when they released Phalanger, a .NET php compiler.

CI on Quercus - El Forum - 09-06-2008

I'm currently doing a project, where I am transforming pure CI project to work in Quercus - and moving some business logic into java code into Spring framework. In our case my intention is to be able to use the best of the both worlds, namely great infrastructure code and libraries from Java world - and rapid frontend coding and protoyping in php.

So far it seems to be working great.

CI on Quercus - El Forum - 10-09-2010

Any news for quercus integration with CI?
I got this error:

com.caucho.quercus.QuercusException: com.caucho.quercus.lib.db.PDO.setAttribute: This functionality has not been implemented. A more recent version of Quercus may be available at Requests for unimplemented features can be entered in the bugtracking system at

How do you handle that?

CI on Quercus - El Forum - 10-12-2010

I tried once to get a CI app on Quercus, but gave up. There is problem with CI's database drivers.

A CI app works a long as you do not use CI database drivers. This leaves you with only a fraction of CI's functionality. You must use native PHP database functions :-S