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CLI, Cron Session error - alc0h0l - 04-13-2020

Hi! I migrated an old codeigniter project to a new server and the cron we had working now dont work anymore and is sending this error, i read in other topics its something with session Autoload, but the fix of one user is in ellislab and that site isnt working. Someone know how to fix this session Autoload that happens in CLI/Crons? Thanks!

Status: 303 See Other
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.3.29
Set-Cookie: ci_session=RCeH17AniE%2BY3QSi2TPywlfWGqzAS5yzDFnrUSQ8iXRsGPaN4g%2BAL1OxoJ0RkF48vUcYHsrDstmeCvtHRSM5ARoj9oowE9s3PGPGk5yjJEPp5oaDD6OjoyjylKNZb8YPt4i7yu0L3zLv6ohPL6ue4fbzVJEVjJQHBziqgSfS83rZU50kQt4rIuLWV7RdtaqkRCsHjHxmmhlEZjaGlMOIGWNSFYNwEa5Zc5cuY1LQ2zCO7QPUNdF%2F%2FXsx%2FloWpVQL%2BUCP4QQ%2Bw0VKgI4DqVyZLdMUf4RNYoHiT974xZZcLQw%3De430bb7a6a58f251fe755939bdeeaad82a74c464; expires=Wed, 13-Apr-2022 04:00:01 GMT; path=/
Content-type: text/html