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wordpress to cogigniter - wael491 - 04-16-2020

Dear all , 
I have wordpress theme working fine ,

any one migration wordpress to codeigniter documentation or can help me paid ?

RE: wordpress to cogigniter - jreklund - 04-17-2020

CodeIgniter are not a CMS (Content Management System). You need to develop everything yourself, why do you want to change into CodeIgniter?

If it's "just" porting a theme you can just copy the rendered HTML and cut it into pieces, and work from there.

RE: wordpress to cogigniter - wael491 - 04-18-2020

thank you for reply ,
I know codeigniter not CMS , but for Security issue , i am not reliable wordpress ,

just ask if any one have experience same

RE: wordpress to cogigniter - jreklund - 04-18-2020

So do you know PHP security then? A system just don't magically get secure by switching platform. There are a lot of things to make sure to look for when developing an application.

The easiest way are to use Wordpress Export function and generate XML, and built a custom importer based on that content. As it would be harder to make CodeIgniter to parse the Wordpress database itself.