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Database Error Handling - next2heaven - 04-17-2020

Can I get an example of how you would handle an error...such as if the database table doesn't exist or a field is named wrong?  Currently it throws a huge full page error.  Just wondering how to see that there is an error and handle it on my own.

RE: Database Error Handling - captain-sensible - 04-17-2020

couple of things to mention if in your index.php inside public you have
$_SERVER['CI_ENVIRONMENT'] = 'development';

you will get loads of info on error.

if you change that to:
$_SERVER['CI_ENVIRONMENT'] = 'production ';

its a different kettle of fish.

There are different ways to handle possible errors ;but really wrong field or wrong table shouldn't be one of them since you are pretty much forced to get it right when you create a model.


protected $table = 'portfolio';
protected $primaryKey = 'Id';
protected $allowedFields = ['image','imageTitle','slug'];

there are things that have crossed my mind though such as when there are no records in database

i've got around this in controller with tests such as :
$handle= new PortfolioModel();
$mycount= $handle->count();

if($mycount == 0)

//do something

but if i deliberately spelt a field wrong eg for table in my model, then in a controller basic block try catch works

$handle= new PortfolioModel();
$mycount= $handle->count();


catch ( \Exception $e)

echo $e->getMessage();


//here i got null
the level of output depends on whether you have development or production in index.php

for above when index.php has in production mode output is just one line :

NULL SQLite3::query(): Unable to prepare statement: 1, no such table: portfoliol

RE: Database Error Handling - next2heaven - 04-17-2020

Ya, problem is that I have a specific unusual case where the user can actually specify the sql query via an admin (admin for developers only). So if they get the query wrong, I don't want it giving a bunch of errors or a blank response Error 500. Also, I'm using custom models that aren't the standard table reflected type. Meaning, I'm running custom queries and such.

In that model or controller, the try/catch doesn't work.

RE: Database Error Handling - MGatner - 04-22-2020

> In that model or controller, the try/catch doesn't work.

Are you sure you are catching the right thing? Exceptions must be fully-qualified when you catch them from a namespace. You could try:

catch (\Throwable $e)

Notice the preceding \ on the class to catch.

RE: Database Error Handling - next2heaven - 04-22-2020

Awesome! That was it! Thank you so much.

Why the backslash? What does that do?

RE: Database Error Handling - jreklund - 04-22-2020

\Throwable will load PHP built in class named Throwable. If we just specify Throwable it will try to load it within CodeIgniter.

If you execute it in a Controller, it will try to find \App\Controller\Throwable instead, and give you an error.

RE: Database Error Handling - next2heaven - 04-22-2020

Ah...that makes sense. Thank you!