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V3x or V4 - 68thorby68 - 04-23-2020

Hi, So I've made a decision and CodeIgniter is my weapon of choice (not Symfony or Laravel).

But now the big question, do I go with version CI 3.1x or CI4 ?

I would like to use the MYSQL PDO driver, but notice CI4 does not support this, I believe V3.1x does ?

Also, all of the documentation references "CodeIgniter 4 is the upcoming version of the framework". Does this mean it is not quite stable enough or something else?

Thank you for your input.

RE: V3x or V4 - jreklund - 04-23-2020

Why do you want to use PDO instead of MySQLi? CodeIgniter have it's own functions on top of every database driver, so you won't even notice that you are using the one or the other.

You should start off with CI4, it's the modern framework. We haven't released our new website yet, it will be more CI4 focused.

RE: V3x or V4 - 68thorby68 - 04-23-2020

Many Thanks. CI4 it is.