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Error handling - pippuccio76 - 05-04-2020

Hi , sorry for english , i have a problem in one of my project , the project work on a localhost inaccessible to me . My host said me when he logout he see an error , the error is very quick and he cannot save the error or a screenshot .
How can i get the error ,for example save it in a log file ?

RE: Error handling - jreklund - 05-04-2020

If it's CI3 it's under application/logs. CI4 under writable/logs.

And you may need to change your error level in application/config/config.php or app/config/App.php

RE: Error handling - EnedinaHam - 10-25-2021

(11-02-2020, 03:22 AM)scottabraham Wrote: Have you allowed codeigniter to log the type of messages you want in a config file? To simply put a line in the server's error log, use PHP's error_log() function.

I tried this and it worked, thanks

RE: Error handling - AngelaFedora - 12-25-2021

Thank For Information