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Validation Form - Bary - 05-08-2020

I have a problem with the validation of the form. that it is an insertion, it works but for the modification, it does not work. here is the code for the model
PHP Code:
'email' => 'required|valid_email|is_unique[,employee_id,{employee_id}]',
'matricule' => 'required|is_natural|is_unique[employee.matricule,employee_id,{employee_id}]'
PHP Code:
if($emp->validate($this->request->getPost()) === FALSE) {
   $msg $emp->errors();
   return redirect()->to(site_url('form'))->with('errors',$msg);

and the error on update:
PHP Code:
The email field must contain a unique value.
The matricule field must contain a unique value
Thank you.  Smile

RE: Validation Form - jreklund - 05-08-2020

Can you show us the $_POST data and database layout?
Are you on 4.0.3, as it's the first version with validation placeholders other than Model.
What database server are you using?

RE: Validation Form - Bary - 05-18-2020

Hi, Thank's for your answer, here is the post : 

PHP Code:
array(26) { ["employee_id"]=> string(1"7" ["nom"]=> string(4"Test" ["prenom"]=> string(3"gdm" ["titre"]=> string(1"2" ["date_naissance"]=> string(10"2020-05-07" ["situation_fam"]=> string(1"2" ["matricule"]=> string(1"5" ["nbre_enfants"]=> string(1"1" ["nbre_enfant_declare"]=> string(1"1" ["cin"]=> string(15"123 345 567 789" ["date_cin"]=> string(10"2020-05-25" ["lieu_cin"]=> string(9"Analavory" ["adresse"]=> string(6"Itaosy" ["ville"]=> string(4"Tana" ["telephone"]=> string(9"329876543" ["email"]=> string(14"[email protected]["num_cnaps"]=> string(8"12345678" ["date_embauche"]=> string(10"2020-05-04" ["date_debauche"]=> string(10"0000-00-00" ["direction_id"]=> string(1"3" ["fonct_id"]=> string(1"1" ["salaire_base"]=> string(4"2000" ["class_id"]=> string(1"1" ["btn_submit"]=> string(11"Enregistrer" ["dir_current"]=> string(1"1" ["funct_current"]=> string(1"1" 

i use the latest version(4.0.3) and mysql.