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get the hashed password - hoadang - 05-08-2020

I am trying to use bcrypt and I know that the hash is always different when the bcrypt is used, but I am told that I should get the hashed password from the database, and use the non hashed password from the login form, use some method magic, and hey, it should work, right?

I won't paste all the code, just sections that are for the password.

Well, for me that isn't the case and I was wondering if you can take a look my code below. Also its not complete, some things you will see just to test.

RE: get the hashed password - jreklund - 05-08-2020

Hi, you can read more about how to use password_hash and password_verify here:

RE: get the hashed password - InsiteFX - 05-09-2020

Paragon Initiative Enterprises Blog

Implementing Secure User Authentication in PHP Applications with Long-Term Persistence (Login with "Remember Me" Cookies)

Also you can look at Myth/Auth and see how Lonnie did it. Great for learning.