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Looping over $this->request - stlake2011 - 05-12-2020

Good Morning everyone,

Quick question. Is it possible to loop over  $request object?

PHP Code:
foreach($this->request as $key => $value)
    print $key."<br>";

Reasoning for this question is I have a form with quite few fields, that all I want to check is if they are is set or empty and a foreach/for loop seems to make more sense then writing out a few dozen isset()/empty() statements for each field. 

I know it can be done with the raw $_POST data but I want to do this with the inbuilt request object because of a few advantages it does offer, if at all possible.

Unless of course, there is functionality builtin that does this that I have just not seen/found yet. If that's the case, where can I find it?

RE: Looping over $this->request - niklas - 05-12-2020


I don't tested but maybe it helps you to name your form-fields as array with name="blabla[]" and use php array_filter function.

Array-Form Example:

And Array Filter description:

RE: Looping over $this->request - jreklund - 05-12-2020

You need to loop over $this->request->getPost(). The proper way are using the Validation tool for this however, but nothing is stopping you for doing it that way.