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Codeigniter-Vue-Frontend - FranciscoJinesh - 05-12-2020

hi guys i just create simple Vue Frontend  scaffolding for codeigniter 3.1.11...

Github Repository (Codeigniter - Vue): Codeigniter-Vue-Frontend

how to use
1: Clone/download this Repository : Codeigniter-Vue-Frontend
3: change the .htaccess file RewriteBase
4: that's it [Image: smile.png] [Image: biggrin.png] 

note: this repository uses codeigniter 3.1.11...

if you want other version of codeigniter, download and replace Application and system folders with newer ones

node js is required  ... download it from

Ok guy's ...Happy coding with Codeigniter ... Big Grin Big Grin 

Have a nice day ... Take care Smile Smile Smile