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New vid: Services in CI4 - kilishan - 06-25-2020

New video posted over at YouTube, covering Services this time around.

Next week I'll have a new one over at Patreon starting a 2 or 3-part series on APIs.

RE: New vid: Services in CI4 - Inc33 - 07-13-2020

Good video, I like the fact that you explained the problem it solves, instead of just showing how it works.
Are you planning by any chance to create a video on how you could make a project extendable through installable plugins? Something similar to how WordPress works. I guess for example that the database migrations solve the plugin install/uninstall part, but the part that I would like to understand more, is how could you inject functionalities anywhere in the project

RE: New vid: Services in CI4 - InsiteFX - 07-13-2020

Thanks Lonnie.