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Single model per aplication . - tony.a - 06-25-2020

Is there any drawbacks in using a single model extending basemodel per aplication ,?
class Basic_Model extends CI_MODEL {

private static $instance;

    function __construct() {
        // Call the Model constructor
    public static function getInstance()
        if (!self::$instance instanceof self) {
            self::$instance = new self;

        return self::$instance;


PHP Code:
Class myModel{
$model // base model
public function __construct() {

$this->model getModelInstance() ; // basic_model singleton


find($params = array())  {

RE: Single model per aplication . - dave friend - 06-25-2020

You don't need the code you show. Any model loaded using $this->load->model(...) already creates a singleton.
You can use the Auto-loading Resources feature to make the model available all the time for the application.

BTW, you do not need the call to parent::__construct(); in Basic_Model because CI_Model does not have a constructor to call.