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Push Notifications with Pushover - MGatner - 06-30-2020

Hi all- I've been working evening this week to get this one out. If you've never used Pushover, it's an awesome service that brings Push Notifications to any platform. They have a really accessible API that I use for everything from user notifications to server outage reports. Today I bring you:

Pushover integration for CodeIgniter 4

Quick Start

1. Install with Composer: > composer require tatter/pushover
2. Add credentials to .env or Config/Pushover.php
3. Send an alert: service('pushover')->message(['message' => 'Hello world'])->send();

That easy! This module also supports Pushover's latest API addition, image attachments. More endpoints will be added as there is interest.
As always I welcome any feedback, suggestions, questions. Please submit formal issues or requests on GitHub.


I should probably have supplied these as well:

Pushover -
Pushover API docs -

RE: Push Notifications with Pushover - Chroma - 07-01-2020

His MGatner,

This looks like a useful library and I can see it being very useful for having a web app/system and use their service to notify the dev or manager of new orders, service issues etc.

The Pushover service seems to be designed for notifications to me, rather than to my clients or users.

Very useful potentially and cost effective too.


I can see me using this on an upcoming project.

RE: Push Notifications with Pushover - marcogmonteiro - 07-01-2020

This looks great, I have used pushover with laravel in the past and even with ci3. Haven't had the need for it with ci4 yet. Thanks mate.

RE: Push Notifications with Pushover - MGatner - 07-01-2020

@Chroma you can definitely use it either way - I have done both. If you want to offer notifications to your users you collect their token and secret and store them in the database, then send using those credentials instead of your system config. Pushover also offers bulk license purchases so you can buy a pack and assign tokens that you distribute to your users, rather then making them set it up themselves.

@marco thanks for the feedback! This is actually a port from my CI3 Pushover Helper. It was much more basic but I used it pretty heavily in CI3 so I’m glad to have this ready for 4 now

RE: Push Notifications with Pushover - Inc33 - 07-01-2020

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing it with us