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Freelancer Needed. - Vizboy - 07-19-2020

I need a Freelancer to help complete a Job. 

Website : 

I want the freelancer to help me add the following Payment API to a website. 

Paystack - Nigeria Payment.
Flutterwave - Kenya Payment
Perfect Money.

Kindly note: I'm willing to pay.

Kindly PM.

RE: Freelancer Needed. - deepvyas - 07-19-2020

Hi ,
I have sent you PM
Please check


RE: Freelancer Needed. - seunex - 07-19-2020

Hi am a Nigerian I know about this payment gateway pls WhatsApp me +2347058222912

RE: Freelancer Needed. - anna1818 - 07-19-2020

I can help, please check your PM.
Anna J

RE: Freelancer Needed. - shivankagrawal - 07-20-2020

Greetings! I have relevant experience in an CI and payment method integration and ready to help you.
Or you can email me at: [email protected] to discuss further.

Shivank Agrawal
Skype: mayank.agrawal2008

RE: Freelancer Needed. - MattPayne - 03-03-2021

Hey, reach out if you're still looking. USA based.

RE: Freelancer Needed. - hp_9009 - 03-04-2021

I have sent you a PM 

Please have a look.


RE: Freelancer Needed. - Angela11111 - 03-04-2021


I've sent you PM regarding this topic.

Please check



RE: Freelancer Needed. - alexis8 - 03-04-2021

Do you still need someone help to set your website?

RE: Freelancer Needed. - Buchan - 03-24-2021

(07-19-2020, 03:15 PM)seunex Wrote: Hi am a Nigerian I know about this payment gateway pls FMWhatsApp me +2347058222912
Hi Seunex thanks for sharing your nmbr and I will contact with you soon because I am also looking for.