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Translated Routes - kilden - 07-19-2020


I've got a question about localization and translated routes :
I wonder if there is a solution to combine  'named routes' and the 'lang() function' to translate URL and keep the app very simple to update for future developments.

First I made my translations in Routes.php like this :

PHP Code:
/*In my template-view header.php*/ 
echo '<a class="menu" href="'.$base.route_to('studio_'.$locale).'">'.lang('').'</a>';  

/* In Routes.php (translations in Routes for all languages and all routes... :-/ )*/ 
$routes->get('{locale}/the_studio''Home::index', ['as' => 'studio_en']); 
$routes->get('{locale}/l_atelier''Home::index', ['as' => 'studio_fr']);  

/*In app/Language/en/app.php (only for hyperlink)*/ 
return [  'menu'  => [    'studio' => 'the studio'  ] ]; 

If possible I would like to put all translations in app/Language... I've tried this without success :

PHP Code:
/*In my template-view header.php*/ 
echo '<a class="menu" href="'.$base.route_to('studio').'">'.lang('').'</a>';  

/* In Routes.php */ 
->get('{locale}/'.lang(''), 'Home::index', ['as' => 'studio']);  

/*In app/Language/en/app.php */ 
return [  
'url'  => [    'studio' => "the_studio"  ],  
'menu'  => [    'studio' => 'the studio'  ]

It almost works, because Routes.php reads a part of the translation... but just the default language. there is no update of the locale with {locale}... Do you know a way to do it ?

Thank you for any help !

RE: Translated Routes - kilden - 07-21-2020

So, Is there no solution to avoid translations into routes.php ?

The best I could do (because the function 'lang' in Routes.php doesn't recognize current locale) looks like this :

PHP Code:
/*in Routes.php*/
$routes->get('fr/'.lang('App.url.art_direction_fr'), 'Pages::art_direction', ['as' => 'art_direction_fr']);
$routes->get('en/'.lang('App.url.art_direction_en'), 'Pages::art_direction', ['as' => 'art_direction_en']);

/*in view header.php*/
echo '<li><a class="menu" href="'.$base.route_to('art_direction_'.$locale).'">'.lang('').'</a></li>';

/*in app/Language/fr/app.php ('fr' is the default language)*/
return [
  'url'  => [
    'art_direction_fr' => 'direction_artistique',
    'art_direction_en' => 'art_direction',  ],

  'menu'  => [ 'art_direction' => 'direction artistique';  ]
But with that solution, it's not very clean...
Routes.php doesn't recognize current $locale, so I need two lines... And all translations of urls are in app/Language/fr/app.php which is pretty dumb and illogical.

RE: Translated Routes - kilden - 07-21-2020

ups no... Undecided lang() inside Routes.php really doesn't work at all... My last post is wrong

RE: Translated Routes - nicojmb - 07-21-2020

(07-21-2020, 04:38 AM)kilden Wrote: ups no... Undecided lang() inside Routes.php really doesn't work at all... My last post is wrong

try with reverse routes and put lang() in routes PHP

or extend core class to support this function

RE: Translated Routes - kilden - 07-24-2020

According to your advice I've tried a lot of ways but always without success.
Even with reverse routes, I think you can't put lang() in routes...