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Manual update of CI - Didytz - 07-20-2020

Can you please tell me how is best way to do manula update of CI?
For example I am using right now 4.0.3 and would like to update to 4.0.4, but without Composer.

If I just overwrite files  with new uploads then I would probably loose lot of configuration settings. So how to do it manually and keep everything working after update?

RE: Manual update of CI - John_Betong - 07-20-2020

This is the manual method I use to update CI4:

1. Goto the latest  Gihub developers resource:

2. Scroll down to Code and select the SSH link:

3. Open a local Command promt window and delete previous CI4 version

4. Paste the following into a command prompt on your local computer:
git clone [email protected]:codeigniter4/CodeIgniter4.git

5. Copy the CodeIgniter4 system folder and overwrite your application system folder

6. Check the latest Codeigniter4 README.dic and apply changes if necessary to your application folder

Git is required to be installed in your compuety

RE: Manual update of CI - InsiteFX - 07-21-2020

You also need to check if they have made any changes to the app folder if so then
you need to back it up and copy the new app folder over.

Yesterday they did update the app folder.