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unique dashboard for multipleusers - joakinz - 07-24-2020

Hi coders

i have an admin web app in codeigniter that works perfectly but wanted to customize it for each user to have a unique dashboard i.e user A dashboard(admin area), user B dashboard(admin area), user C dashboard(admin area), etc i have created an admin area which is general for all users when logged but i want a situation in which each user see an admin area that unique to each of them. See the attached files for my files in my controller and views.

Kindly help

RE: unique dashboard for multipleusers - InsiteFX - 07-25-2020

I would show an example of your admin code, most seasoned users on here will not download files
for security reasons.

Sounds like you may want to look into theremin the admin.

AdminLTE allows you to change the colors of the AdminLTE template.

Then you could save the users Admin parameters into the database.