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Define where profiler is output? - MarkWS7M - 08-22-2020

Hi all,

Using V3 of CI.  Our web stylist as added a nice looking sidebar to our app however it is currently covering up part of the profiler output.

Is there way to designate that profiler should output into a certain div?

RE: Define where profiler is output? - kleber - 08-24-2020


You can override the Profiler library creating a file with the same name and content in the application/libraries folder. This new file will override the file in the system/libraries/Profiler.php folder.

After copying the original class, observe the run method.

See that it displays the content inside the #codeigniter_profiler div. You can change the name if you want or create a view with the template you want and display it within the run function.