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CLI Tinker - Anees Khan - 08-22-2020


i think it would be awesome if we have tinkering in ci4 cli just like laravel have php artisan tinker

so far i found this:

which was made for ci3 but i would to have this in ci4

please add it  Smile


RE: CLI Tinker - jreklund - 08-23-2020

Hi, it's already in the works. Please check this thread;

RE: CLI Tinker - MGatner - 08-26-2020

Generators are in place! You will have to use the latest development version of the framework, or wait for next release, but they are there: system/Commands/Generators

RE: CLI Tinker - paulbalandan - 08-27-2020

I think he is referring to REPL, which is not yet present. In Vulcan there is this tinkering functionality powered by Psy Shell.