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Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - kilishan - 09-16-2020

I'm excited to announce that my new book, CodeIgniter 4 Foundations went live last week. People have been asking me for this book for at least a year so I'm thrilled to be able to get the first of it in your hands now.

The book takes a project-based path toward learning the fundamental parts of the framework in semi-real-world projects. It starts of with several chapters covering fundamental concepts you need to understand to get the most out of the framework, including namespaces, services, and more. Then the projects start, very simple at first. As a new concept is introduced, you get an overview of the relevant stuff you need to know right then about that concept. Just enough to understand what you're doing and, more importantly, why. Each chapter builds on the knowledge you gained in the previous chapter, introducing new concepts and expanding ones already covered. By the end of the book, you'll have touched all of the most important bits you need to most day-to-day work, and know enough to be able to figure out the remainder.

If you're not familiar with how LeanPub works (the site that I've published it at), here's a brief overview: As an author I can publish the book before it's finished. As a reader you're able to get content faster, and have a voice in the development of the book, as well as helping to support the book while it gets finished up. Every time a new chapter is finished, I will post an update to the book, which you'll be emailed about, making this the fastest way for you to get this content. This is the same way that I published my previous CodeIgniter book, Practical CodeIgniter 3 several years ago.

Currently, all of the concept chapters, and the first 3 projects are complete. I'm in the middle of project 4 (a simple blog) right now, which is a bit of a beast, since it introduces view layouts, view cells, Entities, Fabricators for faking data, and showcases simple CRUD functions for managing your content. I just published the first bit code over at GitHub (minus the CRUD portion), and am working through the text on that chapter. There are 6 projects planned (including the blog) that remain currently, though that might get added to as questions come in.

If this is something you're interested, I'd be honored if you purchased a copy. If you're not ready to do that, yet, there is a sample on the book page that includes all of the concept chapters and the first project that you can grab for free - no strings attached. And the sample code is public if you want to poke around it. Each chapter is it's own "app", so it provides an example of using multiple sites off of a single CI install.

RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - InsiteFX - 09-17-2020

Thanks Lonnie,

I purchased it the other day and must say that if anyone wants to really dig down into
how this framework is working then from the first few chapters this book is for you and
I highly recommend that you purchase a copy.

RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - atsanna - 09-17-2020

Thanks Lonnie.
I bought it too and am happy to support you.
I also highly recommend buying a copy.
Thank's for your job

RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - michalsn - 09-17-2020

I highly recommend buying this book to anyone who wants to dig deeply into CodeIgniter 4.
This is a great addition to the information contained in the user guide.
You will learn all the basics, using real code examples, and this will allow you to fully understand what is going on.
This is also a good opportunity to learn some good coding practices.

RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - Avega Soft - 09-18-2020

Thank you, Lonnie, for your wonderful work. I bought the book last week and have a better understanding of Codeigniter 4, and I look forward to new chapters

RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - devpbrilius - 09-20-2020

Amazon, where is the download link?  Cool Big Grin

RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - InsiteFX - 09-20-2020

It's in the first post but here it is again.

CodeIgniter 4 Foundations

RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - chris_saturn - 09-20-2020

You mentioned that you will cover simple CRUD operations, will the CRUD portion of your book cover a simple user login and page authentication/access rights?

RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - InsiteFX - 09-21-2020

If that's what you want Lonnie has his Myth/Auth


RE: Book: CodeIgniter 4 Foundations - chris_saturn - 09-21-2020

(09-21-2020, 09:05 AM)InsiteFX Wrote: If that's what you want Lonnie has his Myth/Auth


Wow thanks for the heads up, I will look into this. I will still buy the book. I think it will helpful to a codeigniter/OOP/MVC newbie.