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Caching - boddah85 - 11-03-2020


Im trying to start development in codeigniter 4 and I have a little problem with web caching. I have blog where there's for example articles with comments. I would like to cache all pages but whenever user add a comment page needs to be refreshed. How I can manually delete cached page? 

PHP Code:
public function show(string $title=''int $id=0)
= new CommentsModel();
->dataOutput['art'] = $this->artData;
        $this->dataOutput['title'] = $this->artData->art_title;
        $this->dataOutput['desc'] = character_limiter(strip_tags($this->artData->art_desc),150);
        $this->dataOutput['file'] = 'art';
        $this->dataOutput['comments'] = $commentModel->getArtComments($this->artId)->getResult();
        return view($this->template,$this->dataOutput);

Do I need to clean all cached pages ($cache->clean()) or there's any way to delete choosen cached pages?

Thanks in advance for any help

RE: Caching - InsiteFX - 11-03-2020

I believe that you can use the cache delete, if you use a page name for the key.

PHP Code:

RE: Caching - boddah85 - 11-03-2020

Thanks for Your response.

In this approach

PHP Code:

I can't set a page name. In cache folder i see some random names like 'b1547903222aa3e1d99833fa11afc3c3'