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CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - includebeer - 11-23-2020

I just started a new blog with CodeIgniter 4 tutorials in english and in french:

It’s been a while since I wanted to start this blog, but I finally did it. The blog itself is also powered by CodeIgniter 4!  Cool
There’s not a lot of articles, but more are coming soon.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - Hrodriguez18 - 11-23-2020


RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - InsiteFX - 12-01-2020

Thanks, @includebeer

RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - John_Betong - 12-01-2020


I'm impressed with the layout and descriptions. Very nice job and looking forward to more articles.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - includebeer - 12-02-2020

Thank you all, more articles are on the way...  Cool

RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - demyr - 12-02-2020

Loved them! Simple and clean tutorials. Especially using the library provides a good example. Thanks @includebeer

RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - includebeer - 12-19-2020

Part 4 of How to build a basic web application with CI4
In this article, how to load dummy data with the Seeder class and how to add pagination.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - InsiteFX - 12-21-2020


Very nice works like a charm thank you.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - marciano.dili - 12-29-2020


I am new to Codeigniter, and your tutorial is very helpful. I will use it in my test project. Thank you very much.

RE: CodeIgniter 4 tutorials - includebeer - 01-02-2021

Part 5 of How to build a basic web application with CodeIgniter 4 is now available.
In this article I explain how to submit a search form and save its values in the session.

If you have any question or comment you can post them here or in the comment section at the end of the article.

Thank you for all the good comments I received so far. I'm happy these tutorials can help some people. 

PS: All these tutorials are also available in french.  Cool

PPS: Let me know if my "frenglish" doesn't make any sense...  Tongue