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getting form data from $_REQUEST - richb201 - 12-06-2020

I have a form that when a user hit's submit $_REQUEST gets populated. The problem is that there are three separate areas on the form.  The first area is called Please_check_off_Business_Components_workedon and it can have from zero to many items. I need to take each item and write it out to a mySQL table. I am trying to get the number of items so I can iterate through each and write it out. But the following command to get the number of items is not working. 

$iCount= count( $_REQUEST['Please_check_off_Business_Components_workedon', COUNT_RECURSIVE ); 

Has anyone used  this command before? I thought about using element() but I think that might only work with the top level of the array.  Once I get the $iCount my plan is to get each item with 

for ($i=0;$i<$iCount;$i++)
     //write out to table
will this work on $_REQUEST?