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Recommended version on website - daveontheciforum - 12-12-2020


I have a question about which version to use - the download page says "CodeIgniter 4 is the upcoming version of the framework" whereas "CodeIgniter 3.1.11 is the current version of the framework".

My experience so far with CI4 makes me think that CI4 is the version to go with - is this text on the website just outdated?

(I sent this same question to [email protected], the email listed as the contact address on the website, but it bounced back...)


RE: Recommended version on website - sammyskills - 12-13-2020

Well, from what I understand, I think CI4 is the version that is "currently" being worked upon (i.e. in active development). This simply means that new features will be added and bugs will be squashed as the development cycle progresses.

For CI3, no new feature will be added (IMHO) as the development community has shifted it's attention to CI4 to match the current technologies and trends.

Having said this, it doesn't mean that CI3 is no longer working.

CI4 is a total re-write of the entire CodeIgniter workflow.

RE: Recommended version on website - InsiteFX - 12-13-2020

CI 3 is still being worked on there are two different development teams.

The current version is CI 4.0.4. Ci 3 is still being maintained.