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Localization - In routes method - manager - 12-26-2020

Hi everyone. 
I'm trying to make multilanguage site with two languages (en, ru).
In app/config default lang set as 'en'.
I have a route with a locale placeholder like this:
$routes->get('/{locale}', 'Home::index');

When i open in the browser it shows me content in english.
When i open  - it gives me same content as above.
when i open - it gives me same content as above

The first question is how to avoid this kind of situation?
And i thought if i added 'locale' placeholder , then should give me 404 error, but not? Why?
And what is the best way to make multilanguage app in CI4?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Localization - In routes method - InsiteFX - 12-26-2020

How to set specific language for all pages in Codeigniter 4