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PHP8 problems - dcyilmaz - 01-05-2021

Hi, im using ci4 and working well other php versions but i have problem with php8.
first problems solved with here:
and now my route not working. 
PHP Code:

and getting this error: Controller method is not found: index
so if i do my index function static route working like this. But i cant all functions to static please help.
PHP Code:
<?php namespace App\Controllers;
IndexController extends BaseController
  public function __construct(){
public static function 

RE: PHP8 problems - dcyilmaz - 01-05-2021

i just deleted xampp and loaded 7.4php version.

RE: PHP8 problems - InsiteFX - 01-05-2021

Because PHP 8.0.0 is not yet compatible with CodeIgniter 4. Switch to PHP 7.4.13.