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Why developers hate PHP - php_rocs - 01-08-2021

Excellent read...I think there is a lot of truth to this article.

RE: Why developers hate PHP - yuma2020 - 01-12-2021

Let's hope that the development of the new version of php8 will carry out new solutions such as simplifying spaghetti codes and helping frameworks become more advanced and less complicated.

RE: Why developers hate PHP - orionstar - 01-12-2021

Most of the hate comes from old (from 10+ years ago) bad experience, php can't be used as a frontend solution so you have to learn a different language (js can be used for anything) and herd mentality (sb said its bad so its bad)... If you like it use it period.

RE: Why developers hate PHP - TerryShilton - 01-12-2021

PHP has problem with language design and code implementations

RE: Why developers hate PHP - tgix - 01-13-2021

My main concern is the lack of a compiler and with the death of licensing solutions like PHPExpress, packaging a binary solution is hard. Otherwise I enjoy working in PHP 7+ and I think it's modern enough.
Inventing a new language for every task is not the way forward.

RE: Why developers hate PHP - John_Betong - 01-13-2021

PHP has been on the go for a very long time and has changed dramatically. There are now thousands of functions and the number is increasing!

What I don’t like about it is the function name changes and order of parameters to try and make it consistent. I would also like some functions to be the same as C and return -1 false value rather than a zero which could be either true or false!

The latest PHP 7.0 was a vast improvement over previous versions. I love the define strict_types, makes programming that much more strict, excuse-pun, but it does scream if incorrect parameters are passed.

I have yet to come to grips with the compiler and looking forward to see if it makes much of a difference.