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queryBuilder + getFieldNames - okatse - 01-13-2021


This works fine 
PHP Code:
$db  = \Config\Database::connect();
      $r $db->query("select * from table");
      $fn $r->getFieldNames();

But how to bring out the same thing with queryBuilder ?
This cannot be done
PHP Code:
$users = new \App\Models\UserModel();
      $r =  $users->findAll();

RE: queryBuilder + getFieldNames - includebeer - 01-15-2021

It's not working because in your first example $r is a query object that has access to the database functions. But in your second example, $r is a simple user object (can be an Entity or a standard object). 

Using your second example, you can use your model object to access the db and call getFieldNames() like this:
PHP Code:
$users = new \App\Models\UserModel();

RE: queryBuilder + getFieldNames - okatse - 01-16-2021

Thank you - I don't know why I didn't notice it before