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Migration or Console? - analicev - 02-10-2021

Hello everyone, am new in php frameworks and I have a question. Is it a good practice to always create DBs and tables using migrations, or is it better to use the traditional way (console, phpmyadmin, adminer, pgsql, etc ...)?

RE: Migration or Console? - iRedds - 02-11-2021

By migrations, you can track the history of changes to the database structure and roll back if necessary.

RE: Migration or Console? - muuucho - 02-19-2021

I always start a new project using just PHPMyAdmin. If the project is getting more serious I start using migration and at about the same time I put the project under version control on Github so that I have backup and I can use branches. Rarely I catch the correct moment for this, sometimes I am late, sometimes I do it too early. But that's the way I do it.

RE: Migration or Console? - Tonyzega - 02-26-2021

Either use a .env file to set it, or an envrionment varia