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Manual installation and the 404 error - bastian - 02-28-2021

Several months ago I gave CI4 a first try with version 4.0.4 and a manual installation.

Now I'd like to switch one of my project from CI3 to CI4. I'd like to choose the manual installation way. But now I ran into that 404-everywhere problem.

The user guide is not helpful. I realize that it needs some extra effort from me getting into this version 4 world. Maybe some of you guys can help me get through this.

So, what I did is:

1) Downloaded latest CI version (4.1.1) and uploaded it to my apache server. I put everything inside /public_html/project/

2) I then pointed the domain in cPanel to folder /public_html/project/public

3) I changed $baseUrl to the domains name.

4) I updated config/Database so that it matches my database information.

At this time there's no welcome message. Instead I get the 404 page.

As I used htaccess within my CI3 projects I can't believe it's a mod_rewrite problem. Any ideas?