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cookie problem (Solved) - neoneeco - 03-06-2021


I have a problem with a logout function. I think this is a CodeIgniter bug. I want to delete the authentication cookie when the logout function is called. But with the code below, the cookie is not deleted (it is as if the redirection was done faster than the deletion). The cookie reappears on my main page. When I remove the redirect line, the cookie is deleted. Do you have the same problem ?

PHP Code:
    public function logout()

return redirect('/');


RE: cookie problem - iRedds - 03-06-2021

PHP Code:
return redirect('/')->withCookies();
return redirect('/')->deleteCookie('auth'); 
delete_cookie() works with the Response instance.
redirect() works with the RedirectResponse instance. Although it extends the Response class, the instance is different.

RE: cookie problem - neoneeco - 03-06-2021

It works

Thank you very much