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Config files in modules - ZoeF - 03-12-2021


I am wondering what the best practices are for adding specific modules configs. I followed the documentation but it seems I am either missing something or it does not work all the time.

In app > Config > Modules.php you can add $aliases. Yet when I add constants to this array it does not get loaded.

So in retrospect what is the best way of adding configs that they are sertan to be loaded.

RE: Config files in modules - InsiteFX - 03-12-2021

The modules namespace should be added to CodeIgniters Config/Autoload.php

RE: Config files in modules - ZoeF - 03-13-2021

Yes I know and I also did that. Stil the Constants.php is not beeing loaded.

PHP Code:
'Modules/Admin'        => ROOTPATH 'modules/admin'// The Admin Module
'Modules/Users'        => ROOTPATH 'modules/users'// The User Module 

Or is it required to also add the modules Config path to this list?

RE: Config files in modules - InsiteFX - 03-13-2021

I use a Config file for all my constants and place it in the modules folder under config then I
can load it myself.

But if you add your constants to the Config/Constants.php file they should load.

RE: Config files in modules - ZoeF - 03-13-2021

What I did is the following

>modules >Admin >Config -Constants.php

added my required constants

But when I try to use them in the specific module
Use of undefined constant ADMIN_TEST - assumed 'ADMIN_TEST'