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MSSQL SERVER remote connection - payusice - 03-17-2021

Hello CodeIgniter Community.

I am having a challenge in connecting to the database.

So here is my scenario.

My client has an existing database. It is a MS SQL Server database. It is a local database. 

Now my project is to create a web app to connect to that database. The web apps purpose is to show reports to the user. 

Do you have any idea how can I connect from cpanel? 

So the connection would be mysql (online) to ms sql server (local intranet). Or can I connect directly to ms sql server? 

Do you have any idea or suggestions how to implement this? Thanks! Any suggestion would be appreciated! [Image: smile.png]

RE: MSSQL SERVER remote connection - php_rocs - 03-17-2021


We need more information. What version of CI are you using? Also, CI connects directly to the DB (assuming it is configured correctly).
CI4 (
CI3 (