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Autoload fail ??? - ComN'Stay - 03-26-2021


Houston, I have a problem !!!

I start a project in october 2020 with the CI4 last version for this time on a PHP 7.2 (install via composer).

Yesterday I've made a migration on PHP 7.4 and .... crash ! 

I decided to reinstall the latest CI4 version with composer, after a little modification (path for system folder is not good when you install CI4 with composer) 

I've "composer" all the libraries but now it seems like autoload not read case my classes (Twig) are not found ...

Do you have an idea ???

Thanks for you're responses.

RE: Autoload fail ??? - Chroma - 03-31-2021

Did your update change the contents of the Autoload.php file?