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Schedule releases of CI4 - Avega Soft - 04-07-2021

Hi everyone. Want discuss about schedule releases of CI4. I think that the release cycle framework unstable and many fixes and features long time stay on dev version, instead it can be used on productions in new releases on CI4.

What if at the end of each month to make a new release, which will include fixes and new features of the current month. I think this would be the most acceptable option to keep the framework up to date. What you think about?

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - iRedds - 04-08-2021

I've posted a similar suggestion on github, but it looks like the maintainers don't care.

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - nurmyrat - 04-08-2021

Current versioning is good. As far as I understand X.Y.Z
X for new versioning -- which should be every 2 year
X for minor versioning
Z for security patches.

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - MGatner - 04-08-2021

@Avega thanks for bringing this to discussion! I am eager to hear what the community desires. I will say two things up front:

1. The maintainers team just recently closed out a discussion about committing to a more frequent release schedule. This will go into effect immediately (first one supposed to release last weekend but we have a PR that needs resolution first).
2. We will aim for a general frequency rather than a set schedule - there are too few contributors at this point and all us maintainers have other jobs, family, etc, that makes committing to certain dates unfeasible. The best thing you can do as part of the community is resolve the occasional Issue or supply a review of some Pull Requests - *this is not maintainer work, it is for everyone!*

@iRedds I take offense to your suggestion that the team does not care. We are all volunteers who give significant amounts of our time, though, and effort to this project precisely because we care.

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - php_rocs - 04-08-2021


I would think every two months would be better than once a month.

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - davis.lasis - 04-08-2021

once a month - could be too much of a pressure to a team. I think this could force some reckless commits and merges, just to "get on time"
once 6 months - kinda normal
once a year - too long, boring
once in 2 (max 3) months - this could be the best options in my opinion. Plenty of time to consider particular issue and resolve it. Plenty of time get in new features, consider them, discuss, commit and merge.

So final:
at least in 1 year - main big version
in 6 months - minor version
every 2-3 months - bug fixes, "daily" updates

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - iRedds - 04-08-2021

I don't understand what is the pressure on the team?
The release once a month is essentially no different from the release once every six months.
The mechanism is the same.

The release is not for release, but for making changes.
If there are fixes and changes we make a release. If not, we don't release it.

This will correct the situation where a minor error is fixed only after a half-year wait.

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - Avega Soft - 04-08-2021

@iRedds totally agrees. 

My post is not about the pressure on the CI team, but about the fact that a lot of fixes and features have been in the dev branch for a long time and all tests have been successfully passed on them. 

@MGatner, @php_rocs
My suggestion was not to wait for a special occasion, but to make a release every month from what is available. This will not only keep the framework up to date, but also increase the community's attention to it.

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - MGatner - 04-09-2021

I definitely agree. We have lots of great additions, many bug fixes, and even a few hot new features since 4.1 - I want to get those out there! I have no problem with expectations for more frequent releases, my pushback was on expectations around a set schedule.

RE: Schedule releases of CI4 - demyr - 04-09-2021

Well, setting up a cycle for each month would be tiring as MGatner mentioned above. Perhaps, a cycle for 6 month-of-period or maybe more frequently like a release for each season would be nice: 2021 summer, 2021 fall etc ?