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CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - MGatner - 05-17-2021

Hello again- I am proud to share that the latest version of CodeIgniter is now available! This is another big release, with a whopping 751 commits total more than 27,000 modifications to the framework. A special thanks to the whole team for all the reviews and support offered along the way that never make it into the statistics... and of course, to you, the community! Our core team remains small so the framework relies on the input and support of every CodeIgniter user. If you haven't recently, drop by the repo and give a hand with a bug fix or a PR review.
Back to version 4.1.2, lots of great stuff. A few specifics I would like to highlight (but check out the Change Log too):
  • A lot of clean up in Config, including splitting out some classes like the new "Cookie"
  • Revamped testing tools using "magic traits", making it much easier to optimize tests
  • "Entity" has moved to its own namespace, with a new set of support classes
  • Most error messages and displays have been improved to help track down those pesky bugs
  • Core overrides are here! Use your Config\Services file to inject your own core classes
And so, so, so many bugs fixed. You'd think they would all be gone by now right? Head over to the Upgrading section[/url] of the User Guide for the steps to take to move your projects to the latest and greatest.
One more bit of news... after much internal discussion and a [url=]community-driven poll
, the team is committing to smaller and more frequent releases. While we cannot commit to a schedule at this point, expect the next release to be much sooner!

That is it. Thank you all for your support - now go make great stuff!

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - kilishan - 05-17-2021

Awesome job pushing this one over the line @MGatner!

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - InsiteFX - 05-17-2021

Thank you Development Team.

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - seunex - 05-17-2021

Weldone MGatner you are simply amazing. Thank you for kind Job.

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - manager - 05-18-2021

Big thanks to Development Team. It's awesome!

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - zeptain - 05-18-2021

Thanks to the development team. I love CodeIgniter because of its compactness and utility. This version 4 is truly a work of art. In my opinion, CodeIgniter is a great framework.

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - muuucho - 05-18-2021

Thanks all Devs!

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - rhog - 05-18-2021

Super thanks to Devs!

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - php_rocs - 05-18-2021

@MGatner and DEV team

Awesome news! CI moving forward.

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.2 released - donpwinston - 05-18-2021

Great! This is encouraging. I made a good choice with CodeIgniter 4. I've had two CI4 apps in production for the US Bankruptcy Courts system since CI4 was in alpha. It was a little risky at the time but everything has worked out.