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CodeIgniter v4.1.3 released - MGatner - 06-05-2021

Hello all! I realize this is quite abrupt after the last release, but I will explain. First off: version 4.1.3, hoorah! Mostly focused on bugfixes and code clarity, this release touches a lot of files but with little impact to developers.
Check out the changelog for details:
Also be sure to read the Upgrade Guide for those few changes that could affect your projects:
Now the reason we're putting out such a small update and so soon... After some deliberation the team has decided to adopt PSR-12 as our official coding standard. (If you aren't familiar, read more here: There are a lot of good reasons for and against PSR-12, but ultimately being able to leverage the tools and automation common to the larger PHP community won out. Releasing 4.1.3 will let us create another (abrupt) release that converts the entire repo to PSR-12 (tabs to spaces, the whole shebang) and we didn't want to "hide" any content changes behind these massive layout changes.
So, watch for yet another version soon, and if you're so inclined: join us on PSR-12!

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.3 released - InsiteFX - 06-05-2021

Thanks, Development Team.

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.3 released - Avega Soft - 06-05-2021

Good news!!! Great thanks CI dev team!!!

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.3 released - paliz - 06-06-2021

Thank you guys you are so great

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.3 released - nc03061981 - 06-06-2021

Let sờ gâu...

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.3 released - BlackBones - 06-06-2021

Thumbs up CI Dev Team!!!
Heart Heart Heart

RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.3 released - tgix - 06-06-2021


RE: CodeIgniter v4.1.3 released - marciano.dili - 06-06-2021

Thank you Development Team. Smile