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Sorting the Toolbar Timeline - aschmitz - 06-21-2021

Hey all,
I am playing around with the toolbar and was wondering why the timeline is so awkwardly sorted.
Then I stumbled upon this little comment:
PHP Code:
        // Sort it

        return $data

Ref.: GitHub
Which seems to be there since forever (according to Git Blame) but well, it is not sorting the data...

However, I think sorting would be quite helpful. Even further, I would think a "collapsible" timeline, similar to the recent updates to the "vars" toolbar would be even better.
E.g., if a timer for a view is started and before its timer stops, another view timer starts and stops, we can assume the latter view to be called by the aforementioned. Hence the timespan of the "sub-view" is included in both timeline elements.
In such cases, it could be more clear to only see the "outer-view" timeline on the first look, but be able to expand it to see the durations of all "sub-views".

I hope it becomes clear what I would like to achieve.
Has there ever been any approach or plan to do such adaption to the toolbar timeline?
Or is such behaviour even desireable for others?

Feel invited to drop your opinion.

RE: Sorting the Toolbar Timeline - MGatner - 06-22-2021

That comment doesn’t sort it? Must be a bug Tongue

It seems to me that it was intended to be sorted and that is the most logical way to present a timeline. Feel free to drop a PR